Da Vinci Code

I finally finished Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown today. It got a mixed response from my side. Let me tell you why!

I liked it because:

  • The way of story telling, codes, mystery and twists were truly mesmerizing.
  • It talks about art and symbolism.. it has to catch my eye.
  • The character of Leigh Teabing was well-conceived and interesting too.
  • Creative book cover.
  • The climax.. I liked it!

The things that I didn’t seem to impress me are:

  • The end.. climax and epilogue are two different things. You read the whole story and then if you don’t like the end; or if it is not written effectively, and with much creativity, you can’t call it a winner. I felt as if I was cheated.
  • Some parts don’t seem to require such huge descriptions which made it a pretty moti taazi book.
  • The backbone concept.. pagans don’t impress me much.
  • Few twists weren’t able to hold any suspense for me because I guessed ’em moments before they were unveiled. Like the phone call, the code of the last cryptex and who was the murderer.

Conclusion: I find this book a little over-hyped, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it but yes it could’ve been better(You can easily presume that a perfectionist leo is talking). Still many people will like this book – only if you ignore my dislike section.


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