Grand Finale

Today was Fake Gurukul.. I mean Fame Gurukul’s Grand Finale. The finale was grand in real sense this time, not like the Indian Idol one. The show started with a sizzling and explosive performance of Aasma ke paar by all the contestants and guess what, Mona was looking damn pretty – if I were in India, I would have married her by now. I haven’t seen the full version of their video yet.. what a pity! The best part was the chilling suspense that they kept by all the fake tantrums that they threw on the show. There were announcements of various upcoming shows on Sony, they look pretty interesting – and obviously the best among them will be Indian Idol Season 2(starts on Nov 21) and the new Celebrity Fame Gurukul(with world famous Bobby Darling in it =p). The results were as fake and as disappointing as it can get, what else can you expect. Qazi(duh!) and Ruprekha were declared as Fame Jodi winners. The worst jodi that I can ever think. This shows marketing sells and losers sell even betta. Fake Fake Fake everything is Fake in there or else determination does count.

My Ultimate Choice for the Fame Jodi:

They deserved it more than anyone else!!

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