Okay so today is monday. You owe me a thankyou for that great info. People usually dread mondays, I also do.. after all who wants to go back to job/school/whateva after the weekend but this monday was different. I got one week off from school. Which means I should devote more times to studies at home but it is happening just opposite. Bad boy is what I am! Whether its Sunday or Monday, life is boring anyways. For now Indian Idol will start in few minutes so I will catch you later. *Screen Saver* Okay Now I am Back!! Some days start as being so bland and boring that you fear that how will you bear with it throughout its course. But life’s not like that, it moves and changes with every second, you just can’t predict. Usually these days I don’t wake up feeling fresh. I don’t know maybe its because of the old bad sinus and I tell you pizza aggravates sinus. Its happening with me since new year’s eve. Nevamind!! The day or say afternoon turned out as expected but evening changed it all. Full of laughs, good times and a lot of good luck I got a new class to teach in my self-development/community centre. The kids are spoiled brats, the word ‘respect’ seems to be missing in their dictionaries and they are just big mouths and no courage. However few eye expressions, a lot of strictness, fiery attiude, stupid threats and encouragement did come handy. In the end of/during the class, they looked impressed or feared?! God know betta!! But you can’t as it was barely the first day. And then Indian Idol was also fun, its always fun except the insane results. All these girls are so nice, albeit there performance weren’t that nice today but I wan’t them all to stay in the game.. look now the leo in me is talking, after all boys always have special affection for girls only if boys are straight. *chuckles*. Sadly, one has to leave. Its a tough choice because no one was upto the mark and no one was bad either but still have my favorites and they are more than one in number 3/5. What will happen in the results, now thatz something to look for –> suspense and thrill. I am getting very sleepy now so I think I should go to bed and after reading this onethingleadstoanother type post you will also be feeling sleepy. Sweet Dreams. Hey your boss is watching com’on wake up buddy. My blog is your coffee 😉


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