Randy Jackson said: “This is the weirdest.. craziest show ever!!” And I agree to the fullest. American Idol Auditions are crazy. These silly people can do anything for their 15 seconds of fame. Hookay!! Bad stupid ugly airheaded badly-dressed over-energetic singers turn me on or say turn my laughing button on =P

As far as Indian Idol is concerned, Yashysri got voted out yesterday. When she came she looked like an aunty among the contestants but got a decent makeover for her age. I was not fan of her singing because she sounded like lata which I think is the most overrated singer in India or maybe world. But I must say that she was really sweet and had a great heart.. after all this is the quality no one can hide, it becomes so evident. I was impressed by her hindi and conversing skills. We will miss you as a person on the show for sure. And if you find my II posts boring then curse sony tv channel.

I sometimes wonder why is it important to be big or known to make your quotes or saying worth quoting? Always celebrities and authors are the most hep people in quotes list. Can’t you also find wisdom in a common man? I think most of the actors say senseless things which come up as quotable quotes. Are you getting the point? Another question, why actors wear shades/sunglasses during an interview? It looks so foolish and cheap.. seriously. When you are communicating with someone, your eye expressions contribute alot. Eyes also speak, don’t have they heard this saying. Or maybe they are afraid that their eyes will tell all their secrets, after all actors have so much there to hide =-P Just an another thought!!

The most important thing that I wanted to know is where is our little princess. I think she have stopped blogging or her blogger account has been hacked. We all are missing you lil’ princess. Come back soon!!


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