Don’t take life so easily!!

Sometimes people see us not the way we are, they see us how their friends or peers look at us. Yes, this is very true. I know these people don’t have anything else against you, they are really nice to the core but the peers they have always make their misunderstandings with others because either they are jealous, confused or maybe just their minds are not bigger than peas. These people’s friends don’t think and then unconsciously or maybe consciously makes a web and obviously their friend also believe them blindly, and all the loss is of that third person who gets trapped despite being innocent just because these people won’t listen. I would listen to my friend’s advice always but would never believe him blindly. I will always think about the issue. After all I have my own mind, my own personality and my own values so I think I can make the decision wisely by myself. I hope that others also treat/think this way.

I think I won’t make or enjoy any friendships on blogger from now on.. atleast not from any teen or young person living in states or any european country. I am not being a racist but yes I think these people are really messed up with their values. They smoke, drink and do all the shit stuff which is not in my dictionary of how I personally perceive a proper culture but these things can be acceptable to the extent that people have moral values and they are not harming others. Let me define what is moral and what is not moral. Giving someone an honest advice is moral and then you receive disrespect from that person just because you higlighted some bitter realities of their personality is IMMORAL. If you care about someone just because you think that they have given you somekind of happiness – not important whether small or big – and you wan’t to repay him/her back by helping that person is moral but then receiving a curse from him/her just because you were true and they might have some insecurity or complexes is IMMORAL. Sticking to your values and taking initiatives for a good purpose which will help and change lives of others is moral and when other person emails you back and tells you that your sincere hlep was far more worse than a spam then this reply is IMMORAL. If you think that I am wrong then perceive me as it is because I seriously don’t care, because I know from inside that I am right and it won’t stop me from doing all that which is important to me. I won’t always comment at your blogs with nice and sweet comments but believe you me that it will be honest and straight for sure. I think it is you who are messed up not me and what problems that life might have given you are mere your own cultivation.

I think today’s youth, generally worldwide and specifically those who are living in western world(this might to be their birth origin), takes life so easily. Most of us, use our blogs, blogger and internet as whole just as a mode of entertainment and fun, not as a productive and educational resource.. and honestly this is a very sad state of affairs. I know how impressive is HOPE’s readership but I don’t care, I will still work for it because if only one person gets some help and hope then it will give me much more happiness and then your sweet and nice comments.

In end All I want to say rather write is that I HATE SMOKERS, they might be nice people but they are causing harm to the earth and the society and the people living in it. You may like to have a lung cancer but that doesn’t mean that you have right to do everything and anything and harm others.

“There is no relationship between two persons but relation itself is a separate entity and we, the people, are the links in it. Firm relation needs to ensure every link in the whole chain is strong; and sometimes being strong means – being flexible.”
JonyBr‘s Wisdom

Update: Being against something doesn’t mean that you are conservative, and it doesn’t mean that a country which has certain restrictions(by the way Pakistan doesn’t have such fiere situation because it is developing) doesn’t produce liberal thinkers. Liberal thinkers give respect but don’t compromise on the values. Its not only me but many people from US and Europe themselves think that people misuse their freedom. Freedom doesn’t mean that you can unconsciously/consciously harm someone from an act. If you can’t deal with your life, its okay.. do drugs and ruin yourself, atleast not others. Go and check some facts about smoking.
And lady, there is difference between giving Advice and Harrassing others. According to Oxford dictionary because maybe you think that I am being conservative so I thought authentic reference would be better: Harrass is a subject to intimidation and Advice is guidance or recommendation. Secondly, you told me once that you wanted to stop smoking. If you wouldn’t have said that I won’t even say it that way, I would have said Smoking is injurious to health and environment and I would have stopped at that full stop. If you want prove then check my comment’s on other blogs on the same issue. And by saying that online people don’t know about your personal life doesn’t prove you right because if you are harming someone then it doesn’t matter at which situation your life stands. By the way, seriously I don’t care about what people think but I completely care about what others do and if it can harm mankind I will raise my voice but in a decent manner. As I practice it so I also take constructive criticism positively and think about it but doesn’t mean that I don’t have a life of my own. It doesn’t mean that I want you to change. It only means that on both logical and emotional ground, I am sound and wouldn’t compromise on self respect and entertain stupid replies. “As years go by, generations change, what people thought was wrong becomes normal in society’s eyes but it doesn’t mean that it becomes right, it stills remains wrong.”


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  1. Trailady
    Feb 09, 2006 @ 20:29:00

    You are correct, freedom brings with it responsibility. Please don’t write off everyone in the west or the US. See each of us as individuals. Smoking is heavily condemned in the US. Doctors have told people for years to quit. I don’t smoke or drink and there are many others like me. Too often we are all lumped into negative stereotypes.

  2. Raheel
    Feb 10, 2006 @ 00:04:00

    yeh now I have seen alot of changes.. program like Oprah and Dr. Phil do bring such wonderful stories. By saying US and the west, I don’t mean to say that everyone is like that. But the statistics that I see tell me that there are high rates of crime, teenage pregnancy and abusiveness. I see many people cursing on tv. These have made a view in my mind but I really confess that stories that I hear from other people also gives me idea that you people in general have more heart and ethics for human as whole but some things just scare me. I don’t know whether you agree to my opinions or not because you know better you live there but one thing you will certainly agree to that current bush administration is such a mess and disgrace.

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