Comments – a wonder feature in blogs

Enough fights, now let me do some other productive thing =P But before that I want make one thing clear by saying that I hate smokers doesn’t mean that they are bad people, it only reflects my annoyance towards the act because it harms other people and nature. And if people think that I don’t have a life, I am happy and content but also have associated a purpose to my life and all my actions revolve around it. You can say I am little different or maybe little abnormal =P

This post is opinionated based on certain observations since I have joined blogosphere, you don’t necessarily have to agree with it. I am neither trying to set an example or impose something on others nor I am trying to criticize others. Unaiza’s comment gave me idea to discuss about this issue. Thanks Unaiza!!

Thanks to blogger, we all have a free blog. We all use our blogs for different reasons, some use it as a personal journal, some use it a plaform to satiate their creative urges and some use it for potpourri of things. Then we also have access to a useful feature called Comments. Now everyone talks about blogs so I thought we should try to do something new, lets talk about comments. I personally find comments very useful because it helps me find opinions of others and discuss issues or experiences with them. Some bloggers might perceive it in a different way. Some think that these comments are just for hi, hello. Some think that these comments should be always nice and sweet. Some think that these comments should be general and not personal. Briefly, every person want comments to be in a certain way. But all of the above atleast don’t work for me. I think there can be only two type of interactions, either open or none. If you allow comments for a post then be ready for any kind of comment and reply it in a proper manner or else just close the option. I personally think that blog is not a personal space. If you think your life is personal then why you discuss it in front of hundreds of readers. As comments are like byproduct of post, so if you share them in posts you are yourself asking for it. I am human afterall, I have certain perceptions, I have certain emotions and I also have certain duties. I always prefer in being honest than sweet.. lies are afterall lies. I think blogs or internet is something bigger than hi hello. Seriously I don’t care for making friends just for hi hello because these kind of people are already in abudance in my life =P. I always respect other blogger’s comment but that doesn’t mean that I agree to it. I find comments and posts to be a learning experience than entertainment.. still humor is a very important element of any conversation.

Conflicts in comments are not so unusual. One major reason that I observed was categories. Some time bloggers make mistake of naming their category wrong. There is a clear difference between category termed as ‘Joke’ and category termed as ‘Drunk’. Drunk can include personal incidents so if you mistakenly name joke as drunk then you are asking for troubles. Secondly, people don’t want to listen. Thirdly, people don’t want to listen. They don’t want come of their shell. They don’t want to share their opinions, maybe because they are insecure or else they want things to be their way but world doesn’t function like this. Being a peaceful person, I usually don’t invite or entertain conflicts but if some other person invites me for it then I find them yet another way to learn and make them understand your point. For me it is never about winning or losing. These games are way too childish for me. I don’t really take interest in personal lives of people but I do care about humanity and nature in general context for sure.

Now your turn, tell me what you think about comments? How you treat your visitors? How you want to be treated in comments?

Be positive, Happy and Peaceful Blogging!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. uXuf
    Feb 06, 2006 @ 18:01:00

    This is a comment.

    What does this describe?

  2. black feline
    Feb 06, 2006 @ 18:33:00

    I can accept the notion: we agree to disagree 🙂 engaging comments or just a note is good enuff…a new comer will prompts me to visit his/her blog just to return the gesture..therafter we become regulars to each other blogs..I will intro to friends as well..;)

  3. Raheel
    Feb 06, 2006 @ 20:15:00

    uXuf, this means you are acting safe =P

    black feline, 🙂 yeh this is usually want happens with everyone.

    I want more specific answers to these questions so I will be waiting for everyone’s comments.

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