Straight Out of the cap

Okay so I just came back from a get together or say dinner arranged by my maternal family or say uncles. Our family is such an item.. eid khatam hogayi muharram aagaya aur ab daawat horahi hai, one word insane. I think it is very tough to live in joint family, I am happy that I am single and only child of my parents. But sometimes I feel that my paternal cousins should have been living in Karachi instead of pardes. It would have been so much fun to meet each other because in my naniyaal its other way round. I just miss bhaiya brother type feeling. Tody they saw me after a long time. The whole new makeover and weightloss made yours truly the talk the evening :p The room filled with girl cousins and I am getting praises.. now that feels nice 😉 So girls just want a topic to talk whole evening, so without any delay ‘how to lose weight’ became the topic then late comers i.e. boys also joined in. One of my cousin’s asked me five times that WHO AM I? AM I RAHEEL? This was only fun part of evening which kept me sane. But let me tell you that being thin doesn’t means that you are getting weak. For God sake, use your minds ek toh I am trying to get healthy and you uncles are asking me that am I getting weak?! Mota tha tab musibat, patla hogaya toh bhi musibat.. atleast kam 😉

My maternal family is extremely boring.. and believe me it is such an underrated statement. On the top of it, I don’t like formalities and after those bajillion handshakes my hand seriously hurts. If anyone comes give him a handshake, if someone goes give him a handshake and if you yourself is leaving then plenty more handshakes.. uff this seriously sucks. Biryani had so much ghee that despite eating little my stomach still aches. Today I also got to know that my uncle who is about 60 or something watches, follows and enjoys Indian Idol.. now this is so cool. And my another uncle loves to see lolly movies on filmazia.. not this is even more cool(Is it?!)

My sleeping schedule has all gone haywire. Seriously I sleep and wake up at odd timings. I am unable to set a sane pattern as I am very poor in these things. Because of this my studies is also getting effected. I have my paper on 22nd and I am getting nowhere. The guilt is rising.. I can make time to write posts and check your blogs(which I am not doing so regularly and I am regret that), but when it comes to studies I can’t even manage them. It is not like I don’t study at all but I know I can do loads more. I was talking about how brain dynamics and I asked one student that have he ever had goat’s brain and I tell you he was about to vomit. OMG!! sometimes teaching can get wacko weird. Yesterday night, I watched Shaadi Online. Okay so when you have nothing to do beside studying, watch Shaadi Online. Its a great timepass. This doesn’t mean that I watch Shaadi Online with great enthusiasm and loyality.. mashallah se I am not that faarig aur naa hi itna pagal. But I can appear on that silly show if you give me 1 million US Dollars. I have increased my rates =P I will write a whole good lot on this best worst show in history of Pakistani Media in some other post but for now I just wanna express my hatred for those people who say that they want a housewife. I mean its okay but if someone says that I want a housewife because I want a housekeeper and sweeper then its pathetic. How more narrowminded can you be?! These days my internet and computer both are angry with me for no reason.. they are lame, they refuse to work when I need them. Duh!! I think this post is a mess so I should stop writing. Enough for today. Chill Kero.

PS: I don’t know how people can waste their time in long boring family dinners where all they do is watch television or say each other’s faces. And I am planning to start a petition for anti-handshakes in dinner, parties and college campuses.


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