Pehchaan – A breakthrough

Mehreen Jabbar is one of the most talented and genius directors of Pakistan. She is one of those directors who tried something new when the Pakistani media scene was following a typical formula.. she introduced depth and meaning into plays accompanied by an unusual way of story telling which won her many acclaims. This exception, her talent and alot of other reasons makes her my favorite. Mehreen has bagged lots of awards in Pakistan and International fesvitals for her thought-provoking and unique telefilms. She has always been a motivation for a creative person in me. More about her here.

PEHCHAAN is the recent project, a 13 episode serial directed by Mehreen Jabbar. It was shot in New York and New Jersey as she has been living in Brooklyn in the past year so so. I have seen so much growth in her work. She worked with writer Azra and shaped up a interesting plot and story for the serial which revolves around the lives of three Pakistani girls living and working in New York, their stories and conflicts as they relate to US-based Pakistani Diaspora in general.

All scenes were shot very aesthetically making every frame beautiful and worth-watching. The camera work was very different which we don’t usually see, shot by a handheld camera. Pallete was very similar to the movie BLACK, still looking different. The styling was very real and not wrong to say cool because the story was set in chilly winters of New York. And ohh so loved the soundtrack. I seriously don’t like soundtracks which have lyrics unless its melody is brilliant.

Okay so plot and twists in tale(at end of every episode) were interesting, camerawork and soundtrack was also perfect but like every serial success lies if the actors are good, Pehchaan too has an awesome cast.. good naah rather great.

Deepti Gupta who enacted the role of Kiran gave the best performance. She was the queen.. seriously!! Afterall she had a very good theatre background in India, Malaysia and New York. It is such a treat to watch her performance. Her Dialouge delivery is so good but her gestures and expressions speak louder. The transitions for one emotion from other in a single scene were flawless. I think I haven’t seen such talented actress in my life. Sonia Rehman, Rehan Sheikh, Mini Warsi, Ismail Bashey, Bittu Walia, Padma Khanna, Khalid Nizami, Samina, Sunny Sharif.. everyone was at their best.

Last episode rocked. The way the story and the romance progressed and the end was so touching. There are so many scenes which are my favorite but the best scenes were obviously of Deepti, the last scenes and the scene were she saw adil first.. oh my God you can’t get such perfect expression. Ohh I love her as an actor.

Great Job Mehreen!! Will miss the performances and the tururu soundtrack for sure. This saturday will be void but nice memories will always be there to cherish inshallah.


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  1. Nabeel
    Feb 28, 2006 @ 07:47:00

    i’ve stopped watching pakistani dramas .. there was a time when the dramas were classic .. not anymore

  2. khawab
    Mar 01, 2006 @ 02:12:00

    hey how r ya………
    long time no sea………
    zinda ho na

  3. sid
    Mar 04, 2006 @ 18:17:00

    i was flippin thru channels when i saw this drama goin on a commercial in the name flashin and i was like..’oh this must be the one raheel mentioned in his blog’. stuck around to see it. it was just endin. the guy leavin for the airport and then coming back. the scene was a typical one, what u always expect but definately liked the execution. too bad i missed the whole thing. 😦
    mehreen jabbars the same one who directed ‘mere paas paas’. if yes, the next time another one of her drama airs, dont u dare forget to tell me abt it. 😛

  4. Raheel
    Mar 04, 2006 @ 23:17:00

    Nabeel, Pakistani telefilms are great. The scene is pretty much hot now. I mean alot of good work is also being done for a change 🙂

    Khawab, lolz.. yes I am! Allah ka shukar 🙂

    Sid, No Mere Paas Paas was directed by Misbah Khalid whose some work is fantastic and some is average. Mehreen is more famous for her telefilms. You missed something really big. I hope they will retelecast this serial sometime someday as nonstop-one-day-show and then I will tell you for sure. Yaar last scene kitna set tareeqe se execute kia tha and did ya see expressions of that actress(Deepti Gupta), I just love her and her acting skiils.

  5. sonia
    Dec 17, 2009 @ 11:55:24

    I wanna see this drama:(( I watched doraha (also a mehreen jabbar drama) after a 9 year gap from pakistani drama. It evoked memories of good old pakistani dramas. I want to see this drama too but can’t find it anywhere:((

  6. yogita
    Feb 10, 2010 @ 20:50:41

    hi i like u nd ur performance so much u r such a nice actres luv u

  7. Mohsin Ali
    May 27, 2010 @ 15:11:35

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  8. Raheel Lakhani
    May 28, 2010 @ 07:14:45

    I am not in Media. You can contact people over facebook; once it gets unbanned :p Good luck!

  9. Mohsin Ali
    May 31, 2010 @ 10:11:53

    bUtt fAcEbOok dIsAbLe mY dEaR…..

  10. Raheel Lakhani
    Jun 01, 2010 @ 05:25:31

    Its up again.

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