Censorship but in a wrong direction

Blogspot blogs have been blocked in Pakistan. What a shit!! The reason is that many bloggers around the world have republished the cartoons in question and it is ‘blasphemous’ according to the law of Pakistan as it is hurting sentiments of millions of Muslims. Read More.

Okay if you want to block then do it on specific blogs which have such material, why they have blocked every single blog. I dont have problem with this censorship but why all the blogs? It is not fair, I think its not only about cartoons but there might have been a stronger motive behind this censorship.. afterall bloggers together can influence the world. Such acts of circumscribing the freedom of speech of a common man are so disappointing. When people visiting blogs doesn’t have any direct problem with it then whats the use, instead bloggers are trying to project a clean positive image in front of the world. Don’t you think blogger’s voice is being heard?! They should acknowledge their efforts, instead they have put a senseless restriction.

PEMRA(Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) is filled with idiots who just keep on banning things. They don’t want any improvement in media scene nor they want the reality to come on surface. If they want to censor something, go and censor channels like Filmazia who make people insane by showing rotten lollywood movies. Hell ya with all the restrictions!! People who are having problems can use http://www.unipeak.com

I need a favor from all the bloggers to set their comment settings to ‘open in a new window’ so we poor helpless people can comment on their blog because if the comments page opens in the same window, the comments usually don’t get posted.

Okay so Bush is coming to Pakistan. We need to install or atleast evacuate one more monkey cage in the zoo.

Update: By grace of God, A is improving. Thanks for everyone who showed concern. Keep Praying!!


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  1. JonyBr
    Mar 04, 2006 @ 06:10:00

    They took away the freedom of speech of their own ppl. Alot of them who r spreading a right word & speaking against the incident on their blogs. Now there will be alot less personal opinions & how ‘we’ felt, but ‘they’ will still be able to spread their word.

    Welcome to Pakistan.

  2. Raheel
    Mar 04, 2006 @ 23:11:00

    By taking the freedom of speech, they also took away the good that they were doing. Welcome to lala land.

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