Antara who was the only female contestant left in the competition bid her goodbye to Indian Idol 2, despite of the fact that many contestants who are below-average and incompetent are still there limping in the race. What surprises me is that although she is from a small village still she has an awesome talent and on the top of it, her x-factor was more powerful than the city contestants, the way she performed and presented herself was really impressive. In India, village means a part of the country where there is immense poverty and very less exposure, no telephones and not enough money to buy a single pair of eye-glasses to watch television. She was little inconsistent in past weeks but she wasn’t that bad. Now when most of the talented and interesting contestants are out and the wannabee freaks are still in, I know the one who will win won’t score hits in market for sure. And Amey who usually doesn’t show his emotions, cried on her departure.. OMG!! HE CRIED.

Today is Women’s Day. On this occassion, MTV India celebrated it by the theme of ‘Men All Day on Women’s Day’. Now that was a rocking idea, I mean they featured all the male stars and their songs on Women’s Day.. what an unique one! We Men may look very strong from outside but to be honest, most of us are even weaker than Women from inside and thats why we all need Women in different roles in our lives. I think for a Man, there can’t be a better friend than a Woman. Though such friendships might not last physically forever because various reasons and the way our society works but still it will be the most fruitful experience that both of them can cherish forever. So I salute the women of the world and I salute those men who know their importance and give them the respect they deserve.

So I have flu and sore-throat which makes my body feverish and weak. When I was all healthy and fine, classes weren’t getting started and now when I am ill my first class for the new course is scheduled for tomorrow. Now what is this shit! My tution provider’s management sucks big time.. bunch of senseless lazy losers.

The problem is that with all this illness, I have to submit to lenghty reports tomorrow. And I have to complete alot of urgent stuff by weekend. Uff abhi sab hona tha!!

Celebrity Love Match
Goddess go and check your compatibility with Keanu 😉
Note: the test is also effective for all sexual orientations :p

Which movie would you like to watch on Women’s Day?

PS: An apology.. I am extremely sorry for not viewing all of your blogs regularly because of illness, hectic schedule and the blog ban. I will try to catch up as soon as possible.


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  1. CQA
    Mar 10, 2006 @ 11:42:00

    Okay, after reading this post I had to go and find some Indian Idol webcasts. I think I’m addicted even though I didn’t understand half of what was being said. I haven’t picked a favorite yet.

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