Fear Factor India

Fear Factor India premiered today on Sony Television. It wasn’t that creepy nor the challenges were as disgusting as in the original series but still it is a great fun thing to watch. I know it takes hell lotta courage to do dares like these but I think they didn’t showcased it in a creepy way that can force the viewers feel the chill. Pata nahi why but I feel like laughing instead of being sympathetic when the contestants are having problems. Adding few celebrities in a show was a good idea because this idea makes the show even more interesting. Btw does fear factor help? is being brave in such dares help? is it a big thing in its core to accomplish such fears of snakes, worms, height, water or anything physical?

PS: Haye why can’t we Pakistanis also have some nice reality tv instead of those cheap shows like hospital reality tv and 21st century women?!


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