NOT TO BE is the answer!

Why not to be Proud?
All the abilities (that you be proud about and then blow your trumpet everywhere) are unquestionably a blessing bestowed upon you by God Almighty. From Brain to those Talents, everything is HIS blessings. If you did well so what, one should have high self-esteem by being honest and true to himself than by being proud in front of other people. A circus monkey even after thousand applauses still remains a monkey.

Why not to be Jealous?
See the brighter side always. Being jealous of others because of their material possessions or success is such a shameful act because you don’t realize the other blessings that God have kindly bestowed upon you. You have shoes but a beggar’s son would not have them, so its better and wise to be thankful while seeing the unpriveleged than burning your hearts out for something meaningless. What if those shoes didn’t exist in your dictionary of life in the first place?

Why not to be Complaining?
Everything that happens, or say didn’t happen for that matter is always for a good reason. All you have to think about it critically and you will inshallah know the reason. If you don’t, ignorance is bliss. God is above you and HE will do only the things which is in your best interest because HE loves HIS creation. Complaining is equivalent to asking for trouble or maybe deliberately wanting some trouble.

Why not to be Unthankful?
God is very kind. HE always shows his love in his unique ways. Just count the blessing and happiness quotient of your life and you will find countless inviting doors. And the sad part is we can’t even pay HIM back for even a single blessing. Being unthankful should be then out of question.

Why not to be Angry?
God has made all of us as Humans. We are neither stones nor animals, we have a life and we are alive with feelings. To be angry is to Godforbid disrespect his mastery and creation. HE has given us a human touch and to be angry on someone, showing disrepect, being arrogant or insenstive means that you yourself are lowering your status of being a human. It shouldn’t be this way that when your own child is unhealthy, you rush to hospital for help but if its someone else’s child then you become insensitive and ignore it by saying who carez!

God we will always need you help. Help us to improve ourselves and live upto your expectations. Without you we are nothing!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hasan Mubarak
    Mar 13, 2006 @ 18:58:00

    That’s so true.

    I’d say; Why be thankful to God:

    Because He gave us the awareness of these Why nots

  2. Raheel
    Mar 14, 2006 @ 00:40:00

    Well said Hasan!!

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