Another World is Possible

World Social Forum(WSF 2006) starts today in Karachi. I missed today’s opening pleniary session which was conducted by some internation renowed personalities. But no problem, as I won’t be missing any session from 25-29 for sure. Whether I meet and listen to famous personalities or not, I am sure there will be so much to know and learn about variety of topics anc cultures.. ohh I am more than thrilled!

At the same time, I am just doubtful that would it be a major hit as far as attendance is concerned? I am asking this question to myself just because Pakistani young generation can waste lots of money and time on entertainment but I am not sure whether they will be inclined to spend even an amount as small as 100 bucks for this great event, I mean 100 bucks for 6 days is nothing and still they wont come, is such a sad state of affairs. Why aren’t people inclined towards learning and self-betterment? Such people tag others as nerds or over-efficient or boring because they themselves don’t know the value of knowledge. Ohh just leave this topic! I am so excited to attend this event. I hope and I am sure that it will inshallah turn out to be a great learning experience.

If you are in Karachi then do attend this event, and you will also get a chance to bunk some classes ;). See ya there!

For more info,
or you can also contact me if you have any queries. Trust me I am credible!! :p


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