The society will always function this way. The younger will see old people like aliens and never understand what they are saying. They will associate some term for each other and the most common term for an old citizen by youth will be ‘Narrowminded’

Most of these old people are and they will remain like this. No matter how much you want to change them they wont change and believe me there is no mistake on their part. They are used to certain norms and have spend their whole life on is basis. Human mind needs a great amount of time and strength in order to reprogram itself and can’t transform menalities all of the sudden. Some of those norms are correct and will remain correct. Some aren’t logical nor apt with time or say dynamics of nature. The question therefore arises what to do? To do nothing is the best answer.

There is a thing like acceptance and tolerance. You can tell them your idea and if still they can’t understand it maybe because of some psychological problem too(we need to understand this fact too) then carry on with your work in such a way that they don’t get hurt.

Self-assesment is also very important. What if you yourself are primarily wrong in your thinking/perspective and action. Sometimes mere expressions or gestures also create confusions. You try to read other person with his expressions or gestures which show that he isn’t interested or agree with your point but in reality he has no objections or say he is completely on your side.

The bottom line is that to term someone as backward or narrowminded is itself a narrowminded act.

Don’t judge a book by its cover!


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