A day in my life

  • I like this teacher but sometimes he gets a little out of limits. Sometimes he gives stupid examples, wastes time and call people with names. So it was getting way out of countrol. He called me as ‘Bablu'(nickname normally used for cute chubby southasian kids) and I thought okay its getting a little far so I stopped him by saying, “Sorry my name is Raheel”. The next second I saw a feeling of shock and embarrassment on his face, quite evident from his open jaw and flat face. The class started laughing on the way I insulted him when I was in all fury. I guess it was not an insult, it was small but effective way of making someone understand that what harm is he causing while making those stupid jokes to entertain the class. He later said in reply that I called you Bablu because you are special. I didn’t go into an argument. I apperciate the fact that he feels that I am quote-unquote Special but can’t being Raheel itself isn’t enough to be special.
  • My horoscope, You love the attention, and frankly, no one can handle it better than you. However, you do want to be selective and not overload your calendar. Even extroverted types need some downtime to recharge. Lolz!!
  • It was evening and Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi’s celebration was started all over the city. I find it a real eid because it is a special day in my diary. I am sure, in every Muslim’s diary. It is the holy birthday of our last prophet Hazrat Muahmmad(Peace be upon him) . A wonderful blessing for which we should be extremely thankful to God and because of which this eid means alot. A blessing bestowed 1400 years back and we still are benefiting from it. I saw huge models of Khana-e-Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabi which are the main holy monuments. I just thought can’t we be more creative. Water fountain erupting from a mountain was the most creative idea that I saw. Everything else from models, ligthting to billboards were average. Donot mistaken me, I am not criticizing the jazba or the devotion but yes we could have been more creative so people can learn much more from it.
  • Indian Idol 2 Final was rocking. The intro was so cliche. Why the hell show programmers can’t think something innovative and interesting. Btw Karunya was great!! He was the show stopper. He got the hype that he deserved on the show, it doesn’t even matter whether it was a planned or live.. he gave alot of credit and respect to his parents which wasz so touching. The other contestant Sandeep was very bad. He doesn’t even deserve to be there. He doesn’t know how to sing. When he dances, it seems like he is constipated for days. I wanted Monali in finals from beginning but sigh it wasn’t possible but yes I saw a glimpse of Monali in Karunya with his terrific singing and ability to do something new for finals. He puts Sandeep to the shame, the poor guy was so upset and was like he will cry immediately. Karo has to win no matter what, no matter he wasn’t the best choice but yes quite a good one!
  • I saw the lost twin of Heewa today. I mean how can two persons on this earth can be that much similar.. from face to mannersism to personality! Except the fact that the unreal one was too airheaded, proud and annonying. Thinking very high of oneself, these typos won’t appeal me anyday.

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  1. Cecilia
    Apr 14, 2006 @ 18:09:00

    The teacher should be setting the example to his students…and you, as a student, otherwise did.

    Well done, my friend.

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