The Crown is made to Blush

There have been personalities on this earth, who are greatly admired and reckonwith and for this they never need a Crown on their head. Their deeds at times bring
BLUSHES to the Crown. Such persons may be poets writers philantrophists or
Statesmen(not politicians).

I wish to bring one of such to the attention of readers.

In 19th century a group of people with their leader migrated from Iran, where the leader had connection with Royals there and resultant feuds, to India. In a short span of years the leader became a prominent personality in high level society in Bombay.

A male child was born in this family after many many prayers but was much sickly to survive but he did. At age of just 8 years he was fatherless and had to shoulder the burden of leadership of the family status.

Being very fragile, he got all the learning and education at home from specialised teachers without any regular schooling. Mother, very concerned about is health, would not let him be away from her eyes.

This was a golden period for India. Great peronalities like Gandhi and Jinnah were contemporary.

At the age of 19 he visited UK and was given great hearing by Queen Victoria. As the records show he was invited to Windsor Castle(house of lords) and was given a seat at a step higher to the Queen, which was previously unheard of.

Returning from this first oversea visit he started taking interest in Indian politics and virtually was Mentor of Muslim League to bring it out of drawing
room politics.There he worked like a Coach of a team.

Give financial & moral support, create educational platform through Aligarh University and political strength by presiding himself as chief of the party.

The muslim population of Calcutta were having a big problem in Local bodies election. They were without financial strength and Hindu individual being very rich never leave them a chance to secure seats in the Joint electorate system. So he made a case for them before Lord Minto theGovernor with a logic that without having power in local bodies the weaker ones cannot do anything for betterment of muslim majority areas in Calcutta and therefore it was very important that local bodiy election be arranged in seperate electorate system for Muslims and Hindus so that both can do good work in their area and no one feel to be ignored.

This milestone proposal was approved for local body election, thus paving way to two nation theory, meaning, there are two communities in India with different ideology. Creation of Pakistan was the ultimate of this foundation brick laid down by this acceptance.

He then concentrated his full attention and strength to improve higher education level in muslims by strengthening Aligarh University. He virtually went door to and friends to foes for securing financial aid for this project. The result was self evident.

Then came epidemic of Plague in India and hundreds of thousands of people were dying. The orthodox nature of people was restraining them to to take anti-plague vaccine invented by Professor Hafkin a Jew by faith. So to remove fear from mind of people he himself took this vaccination which was followed by others. He was very pleased with this vaccine inventor and when he was requested by this scientist to secure permanent settlement of Jewish community(who were landless for centuries), he requested Turkish Caliph to give the land for this cause. Caliph promised to do something but never seriously made any gesture and the result was disastrious and known as Holocast.

In around 1920 he was invited to visit the city of Lahore(now capital of Punjab province Pakistan). When he disembarked from train a strange surprise was witing for him. A horse driven vehicle called Victoria was waiting for him but without horses. He guided to this vehicle and when he set in, two great outspoken and strong will personalities took the place of horses and carried the vehicle away out of station and when asked they said they felt proud to do this for the Prince of Islam. These persons were Allama Iqbal and Maulana Zafarali khan(editor Civil military gezzete, the most reputed Newspaper at that time). One can measure how much he was respected by elite muslims of the era.

By this time he was very much revered by International communities and he was, without any political power or Crown, elected as President League of Nations, which
is now known as United Nations UNO. He was the first Muslim to have such prominent acceptance world over and had this status twice at league of nations.

During World War!!, (1944?) he was interviewed by a prominent News media and was asked to predict about the future of world politics. He viewed that the future world will be divided or say united by Geographical areas and not by faith or political belief. The European Union, the Asean, and Arab union made this prophecy came true… many to come!.

After establishment of Pakistan he was always sought for guidance and assistance by the leadership. Far before the crises of Bangladesh,he in 1954, warned the Government that in the lack of proper steps taken now, the minority of East Pakistan will play same part as was played by minority in dividing Austria/Hungry. This came true in 1972, just 18 years after.

He did great work in Africa for welfare of Muslims. At one visit a traditional muslim leader said to him that for what he did for cause of muslims we admire you but
we have one disappointment and that is that why you wear Farangi dress(european costume). In reply he laughed and asked as to what dress Abu Jahl was wearing? and still he was enemy of Prophet!!!

Once he was asked by reputed hindu leader(to involve him in contraversy),the difference between both faiths. He replied wisely that one is fresh food and other is not and one would obviously prefer fresh food.

The blog readers may name him… Such people without Crown do such things that the Crown is made to blush.

-Ramzan Lakhani

PS: Comments and Queries will be directly sent to the writer.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trailady
    May 03, 2006 @ 16:57:00

    This was an awesome historical account! Very interesting to read. You are right- too often we wait to do something good because we aren’t wealthy or in a position politically to do so. God Almighty sees the good deeds of all. Bless this man for the good he did.

  2. Raheel
    May 06, 2006 @ 01:42:00

    You got it right 🙂

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