GH tagged me for this evil long tag that I filled 3 times argh :@

Best, Worst, Last, First, Today, Tomorrow, Favorites, Currently, and True & False

1. Male friend: one or two.. keeps changing
2. Female friend: keeps quitting, marriage oh marriage
3. Vacation: sleepovers at relative’s house when I was a child somwewhat 6 or 8 years old

1. Time of day: noon.. when it isn’t morning and neither afternoon
2. Day of the week: Monday
3. Color crayon: Mustard Poop

1. Person you talked to that goes to your school: Raheel Lakhani(my lost twin)
2. Talked to on the phone: Ah-mad (friend)
3. Text: Hina (friend)
4. Person who Instant Messaged: Curious Naeem who wanted to know where and what do I study

1. What are you doing now: filling this tag.
2. Wearing: T-shirt and Pant

1. Is: Go and see the damn calendar
2. Got any plans: Will bunk the school and write a script which would be for a short film which I think I would direct someday If I get any financer.
3. Goal: to be active
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: I would go into a cermony wearing Kameez Shalwar and that Shalwar looks like Ali Baba Pants. Imaghine a short kurta over it.. arghh:@

1. Number: four(don’t know why).. first is nice to hear
2. Song: Many but today I would choose “She will be loved” by Maroon5
3. Color: Blue

1. Missing Someone: yes.. sab bata doon
2. Mood: Sleepy
3. Wanting: a glass of nestle water as tap water is shitting all the mud.

I am a cuddler: wonders about the answer
I am a morning person: false
I am a perfectionist: true
I am an only child: true
I am currently in my pajamas: false
I am currently pregnant: false.. lame question
I am currently suffering from a broken heart: 50-50
I am left handed: false
I am addicted to Blogging: true
I am online 24/7: false
I am very shy around the opposite gender: false
I can be paranoid at times: true
I currently have a crush on someone: kind of
I currently regret something that I have done: true
I enjoy country music: true
I enjoy smoothies: I have love-hate relationship with yougurts so here FALSE
I enjoy talking on the phone: true (when others call)
I have a hard time paying attention at school/work: false
I have a hidden talent: true
I have a lot to learn: true as it is a never-ending process
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: true

1. Are you currently mad at someone?: yes
2. Which of your friends has the worst temper? Heewa and she knows it :p
3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone: yes
4. Ever something was thrown at you: maybe I can’t remember but yes it would have surely happened.
5. When you’re mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell and scream? yell

1. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party for you: you can say partly surprised.. out of coincidence maybe.
2. Are you easily excited: yes
3. What you’re most excited about: nothing as such right now.. maybe my new DigiCam or my birthday
4. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thought?: Buy a house, car, 3CCD MiniDV camera and make my own telefilm.
5. If you could have anything right now what would it be? now this one is tough.. refer to Q#4 of this section.

1. Name: Raheel Lakhani (no nicknames plz)
2. Where were you born? Eden on Earth
3. What’s your main goal in life? to live my life to the fullest.
4. How do you want to die?: in faith

1. Sex before marriage?: no
2. Gay Marriage? no
3. Lower the Drinking age? drunk are already dumbs
4. Recycling? atleast can avoid plastics


1. What was your latest dream? dreams are hard to remember.
2. Have any of your dreams come true? I mostly dream what has already happened.
3. What was the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? It was hell lotta scary.. everything was expressed in fractions even the time that the clock was showing. It is something I can’t explain. It actually came after I gave a tution; this kid has whole maths course comprising only on the topic of fractions. I was so bored, tired and fed up of these fractions.. huh!

1. Straight, Gay, Bi? Straight.
2. Do you have a bf/gf? no
3. Do you have a crush? yes … scroll up.

Q: How many beds did you lay in yesterday? one
Q: What color shirt are you wearing? blue

Q: Name one thing that you do everyday? I sleep

Q: How much cash do you have on you right now? I have just won one million dollars, don’t disturb and let me count.

Q: When was the last time you saw your dad? some minutes back
Q: What did you have for dinner last night? Achar Gosht and Dhokras
Q: What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone? a tie from a friends couple of years back.
Q: What website(s) do you visit the most during the day? Yahoo! Mail

Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now? Head, Eyes, Shoulders and Back

1. Have you ever failed a class?: nope
2. Have you ever sung in front of a crowd?: don’t want to recall it.. it turned out to be very very very embarrassing
3. Have you ever not taken a shower for 3 days?: is it a big deal?!
4. Have you ever slept with a night light?: for a month!
5. Have you ever danced in the rain?: yes.. it is so much fun!
6. Have you ever lied?: yes who doesn’t!
7. Have you ever tripped over something stupid?: yes a skinny girl’s foot

1. Samosa, Pakora, Kebab: Samosa
2. Bollywood, Lollywood, Hollywood: Bollywood
3. Love marriage, Arranged marriage: LOVE 🙂
4. Honeymoon, no moon: Honeymoon.
5. How many kids would u like 1,2, 3+ : ab zyada free hone ki zarooriat nahi hai
6. Kulfi, Ice cream : Ice cream
7. Shahrukh Khan, Orlando Bloom : SRK
8. Meenar-e-Pakistan, Eiffel Tower : Eiffel Tower
9. Lahore, Khi, Isb : Khi

A Sweet Punishment for: Aamanna, Absar, FM, uXuf, Asad, Saady, Sid, Maria and JonyBr. I guess enough punishments for today :p


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. GH
    Aug 09, 2006 @ 19:17:00

    I would like to know about that secret you are ashamed to reveal.
    *Raises his eyebrows and smiles*

    Let me tell you that 786 is not the number for Bismillah. Rather this number represents the name of HarayKrishna (An Indian God).

    I was thinking to publish about this misconception.

  2. sid
    Aug 11, 2006 @ 23:37:00

    revival of the tag!! 😛

    can i do this after my pc gets fixd. 😀

    interestin info i got abt u in this post. ahem ahem 😛

  3. Khawab
    Aug 11, 2006 @ 23:47:00

    wat is dhokras…..
    sounds interestin… i wana eat it 2 :S

  4. Raheel
    Aug 12, 2006 @ 14:00:00

    GH, one number can be used for many things, can symbolize many aspects.. it is about fears.

    Sid, lolz!! sure!

    Khawab, it is a gujrati dish made with yougurt and lentils, cooked in a steamer.. very yummy.

  5. Asma
    Aug 12, 2006 @ 17:29:00

    oh great …. 🙂

    Secret .. hmmmmm 🙂

  6. Asma
    Aug 12, 2006 @ 17:32:00

    so first 14 aug in new house 😀

  7. Raheel
    Aug 15, 2006 @ 02:44:00

    asma, lolz!! I knew it will be famous ;). Yes both 13th that is my birthday and 14th aug in the new house, a kinda mixed feeling it was! 🙂

  8. uXuf
    Aug 17, 2006 @ 00:57:00

    Hey! Guess I am a lil late, and as you’ve gathered by now, my blog has been hit by the torrential rains too. Lagta hai paani chala gaya hai us mein :S Will fix it up in a day or two, and will then *think* about doing the tag 😛

  9. W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k...
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 17:01:00

    Sometimes I visit your blog to go to other blogs, through the links. It saves me bookmarking.

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