Today was a strange day. There are some days when you feel okay but whats around you envies, don’t want you to be in that easy place. It all started it in evening when I was in college. You might think like I do that why not before it, simply because it is not easy to wake me up in morning; only Nasreen our maid can do this because she speaks from her lungs and not her mouth. Her yells for me are the wakeup kicks. Okay so where were we.. so I was in my class and someone around me was smelling like he hasn’t taken bath for centuries, centuries of days and night or maybe more than that. I simply hate people who don’t know what Deodrant stands for. Who can’t answer simple questions like what deodrant does, when to use and how to use and which one is good enough to control that pissed off smell and which isn’t strong enough to ruin another people’s smell buds.. is there anything called smell buds? forget it! Can’t they smell themselves or maybe they are immune to it. People its summer heylo it summers. After all this smell and a short class than usual though it seemed way longer I took a bus and to my surprise it was quite vacant. Only I was standing in the bus. This meant that I was in high chance of getting a seat soon. To your surprise not mine because its usual okay I confess not that usual because it is already filled, the bus filled so quickly that people who got on board after me got the seats but I was standing, standing and singing, whateva! Then suddenly I saw a seat and sat on it. The person sitting next to me got a hit by my bag so I said sorry to him. In reply he said in an angry tone ‘you people just hit us by your bag and it is so simple for you to get away with it by simply saying sorry’ and then he started laughing loud.. such an embarrassment. What could have I done? Firstly it is not easy to get a seat so you have to run fast to catch it lolz this is so funny and then it is hard to handle those fat bags. Oh my God then the Traffic Jam don’t ask me about that It took me 2 hours to reach home when the approx travel time is 50-60 mins arghh :@. Oh I missed to write an incident. A lunatic maybe marjuina addict got on the bus and started yelling no screaming no is there any stronger emotword for it. He shouted give me one rupee and I will eat a bread. Nobody answered him so he suddenly got on knees and kissed the floor space just next to my foot and started screaming more and more. When he got a rupeee he suddenly jumped out which is rare because here beggars want more, more and more. They get more than an average person earns in a month. But soon after he got out, I started looking on the floor as I suspected that he might have dropped some bomb or something intentionally because my city is so unpredictable =P After such long post I think that how a person who is so busy can blog regularly.. simply because he only looks busy or maybe he sleeps alot =s

For all Muslims, “Shab-e-Mairaj Mubarak”
I hope everyone can learn something from it.. something which is practical.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shirazi
    Aug 23, 2006 @ 17:30:00

    Thanks. Mubarak to you too.

  2. Aamanna
    Aug 23, 2006 @ 23:01:00

    Raheel, wat is this post all about. But only one point to comment, u hit the person next to you because of the fact that the bag is ‘FAT’ or ….. u know wat i mean *wink*


  3. S. Jabbar
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 06:47:00

    Let us not judge people, for we are not the knowers of the hearts, Marijuana does not contribute to the majority of beggers, as it cost only 40Rs/Week for a regular user (figure from 2001).
    It is the higher class drugs that has the higher percentage in their contribution.

    I could not find the authenticity of Shab-e-Miraj? Can you please help?

  4. Guyana-Gyal
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 08:38:00

    Hahaha, I know it was a strange day but it sure made a funny post. Especially that fella shouting, ‘give me one rupee and I will eat a bread.’

  5. Raheel
    Sep 15, 2006 @ 05:02:00

    Shirazi, =)

    Aamanna, winks back 😉

    S.Jabbar, welcome to my blog. you are right I guess. I can help if you can elaborate. Take my email,

    Guyana, =p

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