This is only true for my culture I guess where people aren’t tolerant and for sure narrowminded.

Nature is trying to tell me something. I won’t go in the details but I have taken the notice, I have tried to get some points.. right or wrong time will tell but from now I will be a faker. We all are fakers throughout our lives but this will be a sudden shift. Shift of personality that people see from outside as people have standards. We are products that are on the shelves of cheap or expensive stores. Anybody can see us and then buy us only if the standards aren’t for trash but in reality they are even grosser than filthy trash. This world is not about who you are because people won’t respect you as it is. You have to champelion. Champelion disguises but his self-identity is the same. I look like I am happy like anything with this world but I am not! I treasure my frienships but I know friendships aren’t for life, only family is that too is reality these days because people want to be so-called independent. I will be meanie. I will be like world wants you to be. I will ditch people by remaining Raheel but in wrapping they want. Have you ever reliazed that the words intrapersonal and interpersonal rarely can’t have some personality?! I hope I don’t get into regret afterwards by being same as others, even its only on the exterior.

Horoscope also says the same:

Today you may well realize that there are certain areas of your life that would benefit from dramatic change, Raheel. Use this energy to set some serious career goals and expectations. You may be a bit frightened by your new, assertive manner, but you will also be pleasantly surprised when you see how effective it is.

PS: I hate dilemmas


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  1. Rahiba
    Sep 19, 2006 @ 11:11:00

    You are talking like a loser. This world is all about fighting back and keeping your integrity intact at the same time. This world is a test, a few minutes long compared to the everlasting life in the Hereafter. Be real, don’t be pathetic and don’t indulge in self pity. What are you afraid of? Being lonely? Make a world of your own within yourself and you will never be lonely. Only hollow people get lonely.

  2. Aamanna
    Sep 19, 2006 @ 14:04:00

    Raheel, i partly disagree with you. You cant change the nature of a man, its always better to change the environement. I am sure u cant even pretend against ur personality for long as well. I know our society, people, behaviour, and their attitude but this is reality and u have ot live with it because u dont have any other option and as u dont have an option then why to waste your priceless time thinking of these type of things. Enjoy man! the life is very short.
    One more thing, ur best freind is always ur family but sometime u really need a freind (other then ur family members)isnt it? to me every relation has its own limitations and boundaries and its upto u how u deal with it. Personality distortion usullay happens because of the families not because of the freinds or culture or society.

    its a very long comment, sorry to bother you dear.


  3. .:*FairyDust*:.
    Sep 20, 2006 @ 00:22:00

    I believe when you be yourself, some people will never understand. Thats no reason to change who you are. make a bold stand and make them understand. and if they don’t understand or appreciate who you are, them who cares. you don’t wanna be thier friend anyways.

  4. Raheel
    Sep 20, 2006 @ 11:30:00

    Rahiba, Thanks for visiting and commenting here. I know this would come up because while writing all this I also felt something similar to what you said but what I feel is that you have to live with the world. The thing is changing somethings about your outlook won’t necessary change your inside, your spirit and your sould. It’s about your choices and decisions with that outlook. If they remain the same, you will remain the same. When you are alone in silence, when there is no one around you are yourself!

    Aamanna, loved your comment and I agree to it. I guess being yourself and acting with people wisely is what you can do the best. Changing your outlook can also come in this phenomena too but I am talking about changing the behaviour not the personality. Would like to hear more from you about it. If you wanna add something that would be great.

    FairyDust, perfect!! thanks for your advice, it will seriously help. Thank u.

  5. S. Jabbar
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 09:00:00

    Endow thy will so high, that before every destiny,
    God asks his servant, what is it that pleases thee!

    Speak truth, that is full of power and wisdom.

  6. Raheel
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 07:59:00

    S.Jabbar, you will see a good post relevant to this thing in a day or two =)

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