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I was thinking of having my eyebrow pierced but the risks associated with it are huge so I have dropped the idea, still I think that barbell on eyebrow looks very cool. Now I have decided to have a wrist piercing on my arm. I have to see whether Sarvanas here in Gulf have people competent enough to do it because mostly surface piercing doesn’t last for much time and it also have side effects but not major ones. The only thing I am concerned about is that is it worth to have such pain and misery for a thing which won’t last much/forever and can leave a scar too?! What would you do in such a situation? Your advice is desperately needed. I might also have my cartialage pierced which is very normal and it also lasts.

Red Bull surely gives you wings, to go and sleep to be exact. You don’t need to walk. You direcly land up on bed. I took it once because I wanted to remain awake as I was feeling very sleepy at that moment. Claims were wrong. Red Bull is a lame dring. It is evil. It can do bad things with your throat though the taste is nice and surely not like that pinkish red fever syrup Calpol. I know a person who when everytime drank a can of Red Bull started getting mad and laughing like hell. Lol there is nothing in the drink, its all about psychology that want to transcend in minds of innocent people by their funny rather creative ads.

Question for the day, Why we hurt people when the reasons aren’t ours, they are bought from someone and aren’t valid?

Most important question: Should I go for the wrist piercing?

UPDATED: People I don’t entertain anonymous comments so plz Mr/Ms who ever you are, mention your RIGHT name atleast!

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18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aamanna
    Sep 20, 2006 @ 14:29:00

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Piercing please … i simple hate it (only my personal opinion, u may disagree.

    Regarding hurting people … its a good question Raheel. Wat i think that we hurt people because we are looking for our right and forget our obligations. Hurting is the reuslt of frustratio and frsutration comes from the fact that u are kinda selfish, looking for u and only u.


  2. Kat
    Sep 20, 2006 @ 16:11:00

    If you want to have a piercing – take one which lasts because if you already want one then you should do it right! And btw: in Germany we say that Redbull tastes like gummy bear juice 🙂 (what is not a compliment for the taste)

  3. Raheel
    Sep 21, 2006 @ 11:39:00

    Aamanna, yes I also think the same or we are insecure maybe.

    kat, lol @ gbj

  4. Absar
    Sep 21, 2006 @ 17:49:00

    Piercing is a BIG “no no” for me. I wouldn’t recommended to a person who stepped on my foot and didn’t apologize. You – you didn’t step on my foot in the first place, so I’d *never* recommend it to you 😛

    Stay clean 😉

  5. essjee
    Sep 23, 2006 @ 23:50:00

    🙂 for God sake Raheel…me to kafi kaam ka banda samjhti thee… No plz dont..

  6. S. Jabbar
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 08:47:00

    For the red bull part I donot agree with you. For whatever reasons it did not effect, it surely does its job on me, I havent tried it since I am in my consiousness. Everyone has a taste of their own. So let it be, the way it is, or try skulling it, 250ml in one go down the throat, in no more then 10 seconds.

    For the peircing, go for it, shut your eyes and walk to the store. Have the experience, for you may learn something out of it, the easy or the hard way. These are the things that affect/effect ones personality, sometimes in a good way, sometimes the opposite way. For everything, the cause should be for the cause of The Almighty.

  7. Raheel
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 13:53:00

    Absar, Lol @ Stay Clean. Nice way to put it =)

  8. Raheel
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 07:57:00

    essjee, yehi toh naa. There are so many taboos attached with piercing. Sab ke different reasons hote hain but being doctor you know better. Can you tell me that does eyebrow or wrist piercing can cause any damage to the body as such?

    S. Jabbar, I agree to everything you said or say I am impressed! Btw I was unlucky to get some wings of awakeness by Red Bull but I certainly like the taste. The only problem with this is that it can cause me tonsil inflammation.

  9. GH
    Sep 25, 2006 @ 15:49:00

    Perpahs my comment has hit some sensitive part of your body 😀

  10. RaY-ZoR
    Sep 26, 2006 @ 05:54:00

    A no-no from me. At one point I had considered getting my ear pierced, but then someone recommended that people in my family may not like the idea. As I’m growing older and more conservative, I’m realizing I myseld dislike such things. I guess it’s a phase that comes and goes in everyone’s life.

    It is sort of a freedom of rebellion. When we’re younger, we want to prove ourselves to everyone by trying to be hip or cool in our peers’ eyes. That time is very short lived, and if you do something crazy, you regret doing it when you’re older.

  11. Raheel
    Sep 26, 2006 @ 13:27:00

    GH, if you ask me seriously yes it did. It did hit my mind at first but now I am in chill because I can’t entertain such comments or such mindset of people for a long time. It is as simple as that! No personal abuses for me. I am not that tolerant. Anything else?

    Ray-zor, I can understand to ur point of view and agree to it. I wouldn’t like to have an eyebrow piercing but I won’t get into such risk. As far as other piercing is concerned I am still thinking about it. I am sure about one thing, piercings would be for me not for an exhibition to others =)

  12. Exceer
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 10:56:00

    Always wanted an eyebrow piercing but to get back to kuwait with one was like “i donno what my parents would do to me” they cud accept it and they cud not!!
    about red bull you are obviously very right! on days to work, me and my friend go to the supermarket, grab 6 cans “3 for me and 3 for her” and we keep drinking to get some sleep for our early morning shift!!! its better than my slepping pills LOL

    Luv 😉

  13. Raheel
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 10:59:00

    exceer, you rock!

  14. Exceer
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 11:11:00

    hey about a year ago u promised to come visit me in kuwait! when will that take place!!!!!!!!

  15. Raheel
    Sep 27, 2006 @ 12:41:00

    lols.. did I? I am studying, will look for job in Dubai or Middle East after completion of my studies. Maybe then.. God knows!

  16. Asma
    Oct 11, 2006 @ 00:51:00

    Hain piercing … are you serious or what …. 😕 and guess what I never heard of wrist piercing … but gosh kiddo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


  17. Raheel
    Oct 12, 2006 @ 14:24:00

    lol.. it is called wrist piercing but its on the upper side so nothing to do with veins =p

  18. Aks..
    Oct 17, 2006 @ 20:10:00

    not a good idea! let women b happier wid this piercing thing only:)

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