I know this would not make sense. Making sense isn’t always necessary in blogging anyways.

I just hate lies and aggeration.

Man if you have courage then say it on face and with honesty or just donot say it. Why do you have to lie for small things. Can’t you be thankful?! Whatever you are be proud of it. You don’t need to put everything in public about your life and you don’t need to sulk if you are satisfied with the way you are. Give respect to everyone. You are not alone nor perfect. All this make your own image bad, if you care!

And then the jerk in me, won’t let me seal my lips until I listen what I want to listen or at least I get a weak point from that person’s mouth. When will people understand meaning of honesty and assertiveness and when the hell will I learn to chill and not be that serious. Repeating mistakes is not good.

God wants his creature to be patient and to improve, then why humans don’t like to hear bad about them? (I will write something lyrical about it laters)

Still I love you and I am sorry. I don’t want you to be unthankful, complaining, regretting or sulking. I don’t want you to be sorry and gloomy. Just that!

-Applicable to both real and netizens-

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