khush kabhri

I GOT AN ACER NOTEBOOK yesterday and this is my first blog post from it
a gift for my birthday from my loving parents, birthday is in Aug =p
and I m just 0o out of breath.

I am so excited.

This keyboard is so difficult to use. I hope I will master it soon bcoz i m sick of typo errors and things getting kinda cranky.


Thanks God =)


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sidrah
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 12:46:47

    lol, yay for you 🙂 you’ll master the keyboard in no time

  2. Khawab
    Jun 17, 2007 @ 06:57:24

    go raheel….
    its ur bday …..
    we gona party
    cuz its ur bday….
    go raheel go raheel go raheel

    *dancing* 😀

  3. khawab
    Jun 26, 2007 @ 08:02:35

    hey ur post on indian idol reminded me of ur old post of indian idol 2 😀

  4. Absar
    Jun 27, 2007 @ 17:27:21

    Congrats dude! Cool parents! 😀

  5. VG
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 18:41:00

    Congratulation Raheel! I’m sure you enjoy it no matter if you have typos, but you’ll get used to it 😉

  6. @sm@
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 16:51:30

    array wah raheel yah tu bahuuut aala khabri hay 🙂

    Chill karo and dont jump too high !!

  7. shafee
    Jul 15, 2007 @ 20:12:30

    Great Blog

    Check Out Mine Too.

  8. Raheel
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 01:05:37

    Thanks Everyone

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