More Updates!!

Winners have got their wallpapers and I assume they are very much happy with it and it is glued on their desktop. I am so happy.. yaay!!

THE WINNER IS ASMA. fAr StAr was also not bad. Both of you will get a fractal wallpaper designed by yours truly.

For answers to meme:


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. д§mд
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 13:42:13

    Yayyy … I knew it 😛

    I know in which one I made it to the top 😛

    so what do I get now :s

  2. fAr stAr
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 11:14:20

    i did all the digging which helped asma to win 😛
    never mind…i got the prize anyway 😀

  3. д§mд
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 12:45:27

    Lolz … yeah i mainly copy pasted ur answers 😛

    I got one too Yayy 🙂

  4. Raheel
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 12:48:48

    Btw you both got the same wallpaper. Only three, actually four people have this wallpaper.. yaay!! That includes me and another colleague who saw it on the desktop and also wanted to have it.

  5. д§mд
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 12:51:11

    Lolz Raheel its on my work machine’s desktop too 🙂

  6. Raheel
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 12:54:40


  7. fAr stAr
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 15:10:08

    and glued on my desktop too 🙂

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