Bullah! to me, I am not known.

Ajoka Theatre comes to Karachi after 10 years. I went to see their musical play “Bullah” at Arts Council yesterday. To say the least, it was a magical and awe-inspiring experience. Direction by Madiha Gauhar, the script by Shahid Nadeem and artistic choreography – especially in the battle sequences – was perfect to the core but the real gems were the cast – actors cum dancers cum singers.. isn’t it awesome. The sufi singing troop took the play to another level as you can get into trance of their voice reciting kaafis of Bullah Shah. The set was minimalist and lighting made the perfect ambience. Punjabi gave the local flavor, though sometimes became the language barrier but then acting compensated it very well. From start to the end, the play is very gripping. You don’t even want to take pictures but I still took some as the photographer in me couldn’t resist.

As it says, “Ishq ni nadi wehti rehni chahiye” or else there will be no way for the love to flow and transcend. To enter the tomb of Bullah Shah, you got go through the graves of his chailas Sona and Chandi – the perfection ending to a perfect play.

Pics @ http://flickr.com/photos/darkcoldcoffee/tags/bullah/

Press: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2008\10\15\story_15-10-2008_pg12_10


Bullah Collage


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