Eid ki Feed

eid-moooo-barack =p

The yesterday started extremely badly. I was worried about the exam that was scheduled on eid. What freaking exam has to be on eid. I wrote few emails to the exam body, so had to do that. I wanted to spend eid with family but had to go to exam hall instead. Haye I was so sleepy but had to remain awake. Had a Red bull. Got out of house for exams and uff Allah, khoon ki nadiyan. That escalated the bloody nausea.

Pata nahi when people will understand the real act of sacrifice. I guess giving some fees or a stock of food for a month is better the sacrificing, all the blood and eating all that unhealthiness. Insan kab tak aur kitna gosht khaye ga freeze kar kar ke. Even those are needy don’t want to have that much. This is my take on the issue but I am not enforcing on anyone.

The paper was easy but so lengthy that I couldn’t complete it. I am disappointed in myself. I wish the whole ACCA was theory based – comes from self-assumed right brained insaan. Now hoping that I can get 80% marks in whatever I attempted, to at least pass the exam. The biggest and baddest habit of mine is worrying. Though I have complete trust in Allah but realized that this habit negates the trust so no more of that. At least you don’t mess with your present, you are contented. Baad main bhi, you move one and feel like working hard and giving your best no matter whatever comes.

Performed my evening prayers and oh goodness, I felt so good. Then me, mamma and daidu went to Nandos. Ate our hearts out and mashallah had a great time. Nandos rock. I am so thankful to Allah jaani.


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  2. Trackback: Eid ki Feed | Tea Break
  3. Ahsan Tariq
    Dec 11, 2008 @ 14:08:17

    Howdy, Like your blog, keep posting… m trying to get into bloggin as well.

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