No Shoe-cide Attack!

Firstly, my blog got reviewed at Discover Pakistani Bloggers and I agree with every word of it but at the same time I am also get demotivated when there isn’t enough interaction on the blog but then it is no excuse not to blog. I am still trying to take time out to update both of my blogs and other photography sharing portals. Btw just updated the photo blog with a post called The Veil.

Secondly, I am sharing my views on the Size Ten Shoe Incident finally. I didn’t want to post anything just after the event because you can’t make a clear view while you and everyone else is caught up in emotion. There is a great debate whether the act of Muntadhar al-Zeidi was ethical or not? I don’t even want to get judgmental over correctness of this act. I still think that we are either seeing the whole situation in a very simplistic manner or our conclusions are very simple. He threw shoes and the world applaud. I would say it loud that the act itself of insulting is wrong but given the situation that the people of Iraq has gone through, of what he was also part of, it was natural only in this situation and one cannot be judgmental about it. It was a catharsis for all. On the other end, It doesn’t even matter for someone like Bush or his decision-making committee at this point of time when he is leaving his presidential seat.

The most ridiculous thing was the role of media and muslim fraternity. Incidents happen, muslims are questioned but we are unable to act properly. We never see the good for the larger community and it is only through correct behavior that we can do any sustainable good. It is important to let the hollow powers know that one would not accept the torture on Zeidi but at the same time, stop calling him a hero. This will encourage others to take the same route, people might be liking it for many reasons but it is not the best way to let the world know.

If any journalist, media person or activist start acting in such irresponsible ways for any reason, we will only produce more violence. In this way, they would not only insult their profession, the human dignity but also would not be effective to create a change. Their action swill get limited to mere voicing of their opinions. It is high time that people start realizing that throwing shoes or bombs(in US case) would not bring peace but would only intellectual debate, tolerance and acceptance to the notion of pluralism.

Briefly, for any group, your words and behavior is good enough to prove.


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  1. Ash
    Jan 05, 2009 @ 18:27:21


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