Heal the World

The month of June didn’t only bring long working hours of closing at banks and other institutions but  a lot of shocks for people as well.

We saw Pakistani citizens getting united after the T20 world cup win and then we saw the world getting united on MJ’s death, as mentioned by a fellow blogger Sid. Pakistan has been going through rough phase especially with the Swat and IDP and world at large hasn’t been that peaceful and justified as well. T20 brought hope for the nation where the public institutions have failed time and again, death of MJ has revived his message of equality and peace throughtout the world. Though I won’t give the whole credit to MJ, more so to his lyricists(who really installed the message in those words) and the power of music but then he also has a considerable contribution to bring the message to the world with a feel that resonated though we can’t comment whether he followed them or not but still he DID something.

We rejoiced and mourned while the events lasted, now when MJ has also received his memorial and has been buried, it is time for the world to THINK. ‘Blame No one,  Expect nothing, Do something!’. We have vested all our energies and hope in powers of politics and corporation. We now need to endorse the power of human endevour, the power of arts, music, culture and support. The message of harmony can only be spread through this medium and not through supporting any kind of war for any purpose at all.

Personalities like MJ doesn’t get born everyday. His personal history is like a case study. More than trying to label them we need to understand, the poor guy didn’t got understood in his childhood which brought so much misery all around with his cases, his debts, his image and what not. There is learning for everyone from children, their parents, teachers, artists, activitists and who not, and every kind of know the reasons or can search about them. BUT DO WE REALLY WANT TO INVEST TIME IN LEARNING is the question!


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  2. Leena S.
    Jul 10, 2009 @ 11:54:42

    MJ was a phenomenon. there will be no one like him…ever. True, there is just so much to learn from his life.

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