Night Talk with KESC

*for desi readers*

In these two days I never got bored of rain but yes I got bored of swings, the radio the only survival thing, online fb application on mobile which would never work properly and loss of internet/electricity. So all I did was dial 118.

Whenever I would I wake up at the middle of the night, I would dial non-stop until I get through. It was anti-depressant for me. I would wait for 3 minutes and listen the horrible music. Then the operator came and gave the same answer, “we are very sorry, we are working on it” and the very special, every time, “it would take three to four hours”

I mean it was like different parrots being ratafied the same line. So when I was really frustrated I said ‘Shame on you’ to one representative. At the height of my frustration this came up:

Me: “Kab se phone kar raha hun it been more than 30 hours har teen ghante ke baad phone karta hun and you people say EXPECTED HAI teen aur ghante lagey ge. Kia sab ne rata laga rakha hai”
Representative: “We are trying, baarish hai es liye problem horaha hai”
Me: “Baarish kab se ruki huwi hai, aap log ne kia teen ghante teen ghante laga rakha hai” :p
Representative: “Mazrat ke saath aap ko thora aur wait karna parega”
Me: “Kab tak light aaigi”
Representative: “Bas thori aur dair intezaar karey” (She didn’t even dare to say three hours =p)
Me: “Kitna aur intezaar, teen ghantey” =D

and then few hours later

Me: “Light kab aayegi”
Representative: “Expected hai teen ghante lageinge”
Me: “Itne ghante hogaye, aap ne bas teen ghante ki ratt laga ke rakhi hai. Lagta hai sab bhete huwe hain aise hi, ke teen ghante khatam hi nahi hote abhi 30 se uper ghante hochuke hain”
Representative: kind of crying, complaining tone “Sir kia karein try kar rahe hain, itni problems hain. gadiyan(vehicles) nikalti hain aur phir log pathar maarte hain aur….. koshish jaari hai”

These guys seriously know their stuff =p

Btw it took 40 hours for electricity to resume at our place.. duh!

Another btw, the amount saved for bills on these 40 hours have been compensated on the calls.

Yet another btw, If you have heard the song ‘Piya tu’ from movie Don, replace Piya with ‘Light’ and Mona with ‘Kesc Not’ and it would fit the whole mess perfectly. Try it.  It was my morning revelation =D


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  1. Sper
    Jul 21, 2009 @ 15:52:51

    I did the same thing the entire 72 hours (that is how long it took for the power to resume). Day or night, subah or shaam, I kept on dialling 118. I started with polite which went on to agitated, rude, furious, bullistic and then going back to pleading, crying and even offering them money.

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  3. Trackback: Night Talk with KESC | Tea Break
  4. naveed ahmad
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 02:24:00

    lol man that was really niceee 😛 lol i mean not the situation but how you put it all togther was great..and i felt really sorry for all this..May Allah be our Savior warna tu sadar sahab nay tu bheek mang mang keh hamein Islamic Republic of bekaris kardia hai

  5. Shamim
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 18:08:56

    sadar sahab bheek apnay lea mangtay hain, app kay lea nahe!

  6. Full Moon
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 23:37:21

    LOL, your conversation with the representative was indeed funny 😛
    Especially their rattafied sentence … “3 hours” 😉

  7. naveed ahmad
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 05:55:16

    @ Muhtarmaa shamim..yeah sadar saab osey mulka ka sadar hai jiss mein app rehti ho

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