The birthday week

A lot has to be said and written. I guess I fall in that kind of blogger who is always off in timing. I always write posts days after living the moment.

Okay so 13th August was my birthday but I was quietly celebrating it since the weekend ahead. People take me as a talkative and social person but I mostly am very shy in public and want my own space, shy not in regular sense. It’s difficult to explain. I’m that kind of person who can even enjoy anything alone.

So the saturday and sunday was a film festival event in our community which I covered with my new DSLR, the birthday present which was used to its fullest whole week and for good reasons. Thanks to God, the results were pretty decent and it gave me a lot of publicity, networking and joy. Even I got an offer for shaadi photography in my signature experimental portrait style, though I dread shaadis :p First reaction from acquaintances were yaar tumhare camera pe dil aagaya when they got hold of it and started clicking, they should have assumed that photography is a completely different ball game and not fully dependent on equipment. It was fun.

Then Monday was one more photography day with a lot of kids who were planting and painting. Enjoyed that like anything.

Tuesday was a relaxer.

Wednesday was the first ever trip to Lal Qila and what a grand place it is. Loved all dishes except Palak Paneer for obvious reasons. Celebrated my birthday at 12 with my parents, came back to home, with all the warmth and thankfulness for my dear shining star up above and everyone.

Slept for less than 4 hours. And it was the birthday. Went to see the final rehearsal of community kids who had to perform today at the awards night of film festival. Had a facial, lol, bohat force hone per, and black head removing was a pain. I don’t know how girls awaam actually tolerate such stuff, leave aside the men. The birthday was so special – the bachas and friends wished me from the morning rehearsal till the night we reached home, I felt really loved. Event was awesome and izzat baj gayi ke photographs turned out to be good. Somebody said it is my best work till date but I disagree. When people compliment your pictures, you are trying to pick the weakness out of your own work.. photographer ki khalish rooh ja jati hai 😉

With less than 2 hours of sleep, I was off to Mubarak Village with Photo Club of Karachi (PCK). What good people the group was and what great place. The place is so serene, truly reflecting the grandeur of God Almighty. As I am afraid of heights, I tried to climb half of the rock but in between I was damn scared, tried to be calm, there was no one around as everyone hiked above, thankfully few members haven’t come till now, they were exploring other areas and they helped me get off that rock, LONG SENTENCE I KNOW =D
Mubarak Village Flickr Set:

Next one hour, I was taking snaps of the landscape, the beach, the people, listening to their stories and apprehensions, trying to keep my camera safe, waiting for others to come back but hey what an enjoyable private time.. unmatchable! I wish I had a paper and pen there or a book maybe.

Saturday was sleepy and Sunday I took a lecture where the students got pretty much bored. I had to less time to plan actually and you know why after reading this post and the subject was also not one of my strongest.

So till the next time I write, enjoy. Next will be reviews of the last two episodes of Coke Studio 2 which now also have become quite purana.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. esSJee
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 11:42:46

    After years have I been able to blog…and this “Dr. essjee Sahiba” on ur blogroll made me smile to my last tooth…
    How are you? HAppy belated birthday and Enjoy DSLR…

  3. Raheel
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 12:33:53

    I am good. My pleasure =D

  4. Huda
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 07:32:21

    A lot of fun, eh?

    saw your shots on Flickr the other day, they’re absolutely fabulous, amazing, brilliant, mind blowing, excellent.


    I am SO jealous 😦

  5. Aug 27, 2009 @ 14:52:30

    You flickr shots, are AMAZING. I want to buy a DSLR now. Seriously considering it.. now that I can afford it too 😐

    PS: Happy belated birthday. ^_^

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