Thank you my dear God. Feeling so blessed.

Today was a blessed day, every day is if you reflect, but sometimes you can’t deny it, you don’t even need to reflect. It fills your heart instantly. You feel a changed/inspired/revived person from within. And Thank you my dear God for that.

Firstly yesterday I got a beautiful card from my friend, from a sis, and it was so heartfelt and perfect. I am bad at expressing there and then at such moments so what follows is kind of silence but poodle sis if you have google’d my name again :p and if you’re reading this Thank you so much. Main esko sambhaal kar rakhunga, lol try karunga because you know I can misplace things so easily =P but you it will always remain where it should. We will miss you and I know you’ll get the visa =D. And don’t worry I don’t think I would get engaged before two years so you’ll surely be able to attend that 😉

Then I was just chatting with a class fellow at a community course which I am doing, enjoying and breathing. I just got to know that my assumptions about M.Ed. course that AKU-IED offers were wrong and their requirements fit nearly perfect with what I have. I know I would have to work way hard to get the admission but I’ll try my best. This has come at perfect time and I am so hopeful.

We got our results of the same course which has an university like setting; result of the second-trimester of the first semester and I got 4.0 GPA which makes an aggregate of 3.95 for the semester. I felt so happy I can not even explain. I am so thankful, though I can’t be equal to the blessing. This course is my jaan, sachi! I pray that I can be able to sustain this.

And then baarish(rain) and a class off and lots of masti with friends and tip tip tip drops and ice-cream moments with my loving parents.. mashallah loved it. I guess I haven’t enjoyed rain like this in long time. Last was with my cousin around a year or more ago. A perfect end to my birthday month =D

I look forward to take a lot of photographs tomorrow if it continues to rain.

Hopefully God will help me to take things forward from here.


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  1. zain
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 09:18:36

    This is soooooo cool Gpa. cogratulations. and do share the photographs of barish

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